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About Us

  • We want to change the way you live.
  • We improve the way you experience the built environment.
  • We integrate experts from all industries to develop integrated solutions.
  • We design buildings.


Genius Loci is the prevailing character or atmosphere of a place. the presiding “spirit of a place.”

Critical Regionalism is an approach to architecture that strives to counter the placelessness and lack of identity of the International Style (Modern architecture emerged in the 1920s / 1930s), but also rejects the whimsical individualism and ornamentation of Postmodern architecture. The stylings of critical regionalism seek to provide an architecture rooted in the modern tradition, but tied to geographical and cultural context. Critical regionalism is not simply regionalism in the sense of vernacular architecture – it is a progressive approach to design that seeks to mediate between the global and the local languages of architecture.


Buildings do not exist in a vacuum. Information driven design is essentially contextual design based on various factors acquired through interdisciplinary collaboration. This allows us to identify problems early on to achieve our passion effectively: unlocking the full potential of a site.

We believe that to thrive in the ever-changing and interconnected world, it is essential to remain aware of the latest developments and trends within the building sector and the countless industries related to it. Therefore, we consistently focus on:

  • Research & Development
  • Continuous learning
  • Global trends
  • Emerging technologies
  • Alternative materials


The notion of improved integration lives near the core of our overall vision. At RAS Architects we aspire to bring together all relevant role-players and escape the isolated boxes that the industry has come to operate from. We believe this enables our team to transform innovative ideas to inspiring realities.


By bringing the relevant experts together at an early stage, our team’s solutions can take account of new developments in engineering, smart building technology, energy optimisation, sustainability (constructability, adaptability, and deconstructability), socioeconomics, urban planning, and even mobility.


With the research and development approach at the centre of our team, we maintain an office environment conducive to collaboration and innovation.

  • Reduce the gap between architects, engineers, and contractors
  • Address the disconnect between original vision and reality
  • Get involved earlier, gather information that shapes the design
  • Develop the systems required to realise innovative concepts
  • Increase involvement with manufacturing & construction


Not only qualified, competent and endorsed to design, ratify and facilitate any building scale and typology in the built environment, RAS Architects has generous experience and excellent comprehension for a wide range of building typologies including:

  • Retail (Shopping Centres; Retail Stores; Restaurants; Showrooms);
  • Commercial (Multilevel Office Buildings; Office Parks; Storage Facilities);
  • Institutional (Multifunctional Facilities; Places of Worship)
  • Leisure & Tourism (Lodges; Clubhouse & Conference Facilities)
  • Industrial (Storage Facilities, Warehousing & Ancillaries)
  • Retirement Buildings & Frail Care
  • Residential (Apartment Buildings; Single Dwellings; High-End Luxury Homes);
  • Restoration & Alterations

Our Team

Who We Are

202301 PPJR.png


Director & Principal Architect

With an open-minded and creative approach to life, Johan chose the field of architecture to express his passion of exploring and improving. As a cultivated project leader with a sophisticated outlook, Johan has an integrated approach to tackle issues in a holistic yet creative manner. Johan’s competitive attitude drives his pursuit of simple and effective solutions, often yielding original and innovative ideas.

Johan holds a set of degrees in architecture (bachelors, honours, and masters) from the internationally accredited Department of Architecture of the University of the Free State, and is currently directing RAS Architects in his capacity as registered Professional Architect.


Architectural Technologist

Inherently focused on detail, Annette’s task driven attitude allows our projects to develop comprehensively, achieving its full potential. With her attentive instincts and eagerness to be involved with challenges Annette appreciates clarifying and simplifying obstacles in delightful fashion.

As a qualified architectural technologist Annette demonstrates ample experience and diligence in her responsibilities. She is a true stalwart of any activity she participates in.

202301 PPAC.png
Industrial Designer


Subcontracting Parties

RAS Architects has agreements with various competent architectural professionals and works on an ad-hoc basis, offering clear contracts as and when opportunities arise. This enables RAS Architects to maintain a hands-on approach toward their projects allowing them to conduct business efficiently across all aspects of the firm.

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